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Glass Fibre Honeycomb
Glass Fibre Honeycomb Product Specification
Glass Fibre Honeycomb honey core thickness and density
Glass Fibre Honeycomb Product Advantages
Glass Fibre Honeycomb Product Application
With the development of automobile industry, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emission has become the mainstream trend. The appearance of honeycomb board has contributed to the innovation and development of the automobile industry. Compared with traditional materials, honeycomb boards are lighter in weight and better in performance, so that the truck load increases, while reducing fuel consumption and carbon emission. From production to application, environmental protection is free from pollution. The weight of the honeycomb board is less than 5kg/m2. Compared with the truck with plywood, a 10-ton van can reduce the weight by 1137 kg.
Taking the three vehicle models of 5T, 8T and 10T as examples, the glass fiber reinforced honeycomb board was compared with other materials in terms of weight loss, oil saving and cost saving.
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Polyrocks built in 2007, located in the beautiful tourism city which in the northern of Guangdong province—Qing Yuan. The registered capital is 63.4 million RMB,occupied an area of 100,000㎡, more than 650 staffs,foucs on the R&D, Manufacturing and Selling of all kinds of high-performance and high-quality polymer and brand new composite materials. Our products are widely used in vehicles, intelligent home appliances,wires and cables, industrial electronics and green new painting materials,etc. We invested and built 20 production lines,can supply 120,000 tons high quality modified plastic materials,10,000 tons high quality halogen-free flame retardants every year, to meet the global market.

Polyrocks has five production facilities in Qingyuan(Flame Retardants,Modified PP RW,ABS,PC,Nylon and PP Honeycomb Board),Changsha(Breathable Membrane),Suzhou(Automotive Plastic Parts),Changzhou(PU Paper Honeycomb Panel) and Wuhu(PP Fiberglass Panel(GMT)) ,has office in Hefei,Chongqing,Beijing,converage all of the domestic market.

Polyrocks strictly follow the four tenets of “Innovation””Quality””Service””Value”,imported more than 40 sets of advanced testing equipments and instruments from United States,Germany,UK,Japan and other countries.Such as USA TA company’s Q500 TGA, Thermo ICS-1600,Germany FRITSC Vibrating Screening Machines,UK Malvern Particle Size Analyzer Master Sizer 2000,Japan SHIMADZU HPLC,GC,etc.It is one of the Engineering and Technology Center in Guanddong Province, a Key Enterprise of New Material in Qingyuan city as well as High-Tech Enterprise. We are also one of the “Halogen-free Flame Retardant New Material R&D and Production Bases” in china, as well as the “Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Bases”.